Surprise Peony Baby Shower - August 6th, 2016

Peonies have easily become one of my favorite flowers of all time. The markets (and even grocery stores) are filled with them in the spring time, and sometimes, I just cannot even contain myself when I can get a hold of one...or ten to display on my messy dining table in my tiny, tiny apartment. Honestly speaking, I had never even seen one in real life until I moved to Seattle in 2015. Now THAT'S crazy.

So, imagine the pleasure I had when I had a request to make a peony cake and cupcakes for an expectant mother-to-be. Granted, the baby shower was dedicated to a baby-boy, these cakes and cupcakes were specifically ordered for the mother, as peonies are her favorite flowers. One of the sweetest parts about this order was that her lovely aunt wanted to surprise her with something of her own on such a beautiful occasion. 

I delivered the sweets myself and had the privileged of meeting Kim, the sweetest aunt and now regular client (whose additional orders you'll see in forthcoming posts), and seeing the reactions of all the family and friends gathered together to celebrate such an amazing occasion. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to present the cakes to the mother-to-be herself, but the mere reaction I did see was enough to fill me with joy. Don't worry, though! I did receive word that she did indeed LOVE it.