Two Sisters and a Bridal Shower - August 13, 2016

Since before I can remember, I have always wanted a sister. I grew up with one older brother who was such a little butthead growing up that I aways wished I could exchange him for a cooler, nicer older sister. Fortunately for us, we grew up, and now we coo~but, there are still times where I wish I had grown up with a sister to call my own and share all those special sisterly moments with. I envy women with sisters, but more so admire women with sisters. That's why I am completely in love with the cakes I am sharing with you today.

I love these cakes for three reasons. The first reason is that these cakes were dedicated to a pair of sisters who are getting married three weeks apart from each other. The second reason is that these sisters got to share such an occasion together, and third is that these cakes were themed! And God knows I love coordinating a theme! 

Each bride had a specific color scheme: Navy Blue and Ox Blood. I mean, the pictures speak for themselves, so I don't think I really need to say much more...

CHEERS to all you lucky sisters out there!