70th Fall Birthday Cupcakes - September 29th, 2016

Just when I was starting to wonder when I'd be able to decorate more cupcakes, these little gems fell right into my sickly little fingers. To be honest, I was in the middle of decorating another cake (see pink peony wedding cake post) when I got the phone call to decorate these lovely, fall cupcakes. I LOVE working with color pallets because it requires planning. Now, before you make fun of me for having an affinity for planning, I just want to explain. I'm not a huge planner in life. I don't like to plan what I do on my days off; I don't like to plan what I would do on a vacation (haha, what's that?); and I definitely don't like to plan what I want to eat. I like to bushwhack, and laze, and do things only when I need to. BUT, when it comes to cakes and decorating, I LOVE planning the colors for the buttercream and layout where/how the flowers will sit on the cake/cupcake. I love every planning aspect of building and designing a cake. These cupcakes are no exception!

My client asked for multiple ideas for the color theme of the cakes, but eventually asked me to come up with a theme appropriate for the start of fall. Thus, I bring you these beautiful mini fall flower gardens. I'm also a fall baby (one of the few hundred people in my friend group with a September birthday ;|), so I knew exactly how I was going to plan the colors for the flowers. Muted pinks and auburn reds; prairie greens and ivory creams - I find it quite appropriate for the first buddings of fall (also, I just made up all of those colors :P).

I think I can confidently say that these were a hit at the party - only because my client told me so~