Jesse Hines and THE WORLD RACE - September 17th, 2016

So, before I get started, let me tell you a little bit about Jesse Hines.

Jesse is a gal I met several months ago through Christina - a sweet lady I met through church. Though I've only known Jesse for a short while, she has easily become one of the most inspirational persons I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Soon, Jesse will start a journey through India, then soon after will be adventuring out into Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana and Switzerland. Jesse is on a mission. A GREAT mission. A mission that serves the less fortunate and glorifies God in the most humbling, fulfilling, and radical way possible. Jesse is journeying in The World Race where she will be serving in 11 different countries for 11 months. I am so awed and inspired by Jesse, as she is doing something that I never had the guts to do. Jesse has found her life's purpose, but let me tell you why I'm so fixated on this girl and her mission.

Jesse doesn't know this, but her writing makes me cry. Her writing hits me in ways that I cannot explain. But, I digress. Let me take you back to the Sunday I ended up reading a blog post she had written about her experience at training camp (you can read it here: ).

I had just quit my job and was trying to figure out what my next step was going to be for my career. I was distraught and stressed out and confused, and didn't really know how to feel about my situation. Then, as I read through her entry, I came across these words: 

"It doesn't get easier, but by Him and through Him, I am stronger..I took a chance, I stepped out in faith, and He caught me. He grabbed my hand and walked through the valley with me. He sat in my pain with me, and he will never leave my side no matter how ugly it gets. A Great pastor by the name of Graham Cook once said in a sermon, "I'm not pursuing the presence of God, I am being captivated by the presence of God.""

...and I cried. She hit it right on the nail. Every emotion I had came falling down my face; not because I was upset about my job situation, but because I resonated with every emotion she professed in that blog post. Suddenly, nothing else really seemed to matter anymore. I felt a genuine connection to her through her words. I started thinking about my dad who passed away 4 years ago and how I felt the moment I found out he was going to die. I was reminded about that time because I understood exactly how she felt. I can't completely relate this very experience to what she had experienced, but the emotion and feelings are the same. I remember feeling His comfort and I remember how I felt through the pain and loss. I was captivated by God. I felt him pursuing me in that very moment my dad finally passed. It was magical and spiritual and completely indescribable. But, I understood. And I felt her heart in her words. I don't think I can fully explain or express how I felt, but I can't unfeel it even as I write this. 

Jesse is taking a risk. A risk I have only ever dreamed about. Her life purpose is to serve the Lord by serving those who don't have access to Jesus like you and I do. She is not tied down to school or work or the mundaneness of life. But, actively building the kingdom by stepping out of her comfort zone and taking the cold punches of the reality of life - all for the sake of fulfilling a desire, a calling planted by God. I am so proud of this girl, though I've only known her for several months. I only truly wish I could be journeying with her.

Which brings me to these cakes. I made these for a fundraiser for Jesse. I jumped on the opportunity because this was the only thing I felt I could truly contribute to her mission. They're only cakes, and by far not as grand and meaningful as the risk she has taken, but I feel like they encapsulate the beauty that I see in her and her heart for Jesus.

I hope you are blessed by these as much as I am blessed by her.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." ~Matthew 5:16