Lovely, Pink Peony Wedding - September 18th, 2016

Ugh, peonies. I LOVE PEONIES! 

This cake was a long time coming, as it was ordered back in February for an edgy and hip wedding that took place in an art gallery somewhere in Greenwood. In my honest opinion, this cake is not even close to hip or edgy, but more lovely and soft. But, the bride wants what the bride wants and so the bride gets a beautiful bouquet of pink ombre peonies!

The bride wanted a show-stopping cutting cake for pictures and the like, but most importantly (at least what stood out to me) was that she wanted a cake full of peonies to match her pink peony tattoos.

I am loving the way how each flower fades into the other. I also love texture, so the texture on the side of the cake just pulls the whole cake together. MMHMMMM~

Ugh, peonies. I LOVE PEONIES!