3 Dozen Crown Jewels - October 23rd, 2016

Cupcakes will never get old, and as of late it seems to be a very popular request from my clients. Today, I bring you 3 dozen jewel toned mini cupcakes for a lovely little bridal shower. I was told that the bride LOVES jewel tones, so God only knows how much fun I had coming up with a color pallet for the flowers. I am usually into softer, realistic colors when it comes to my floral designs (especially because I don't get many specific color requests when I  do get cake orders), so when I get the opportunity to mess around with different colors and themes, I become pretty invested and stop at nothing to get the perfect colors. 

To be honest, I was a little nervous with these cupcakes because I wasn't completely sure if all the colors blended well together. But as always, with a few leaves and a few small embellishments, everything seemed to just magically come together (as you can witness for yourself in the pictures below).

Ugh, I loved decorating these cupcakes, but my fingers seems to have a mind of their own. I cannot tell you how many times my index and pinky fingers stabbed the daylights out of those poor little flowers every time I tried to pick one up or move one around. My fingers clearly cannot be tamed~