Aqua Blue Themed Baby Shower - June 4th, 2016

Sometimes...simple is best. Which is exactly what this cake is about! As the title says, the mother-to-be wanted an aqua blue ombre cake embellished with a simple white peony on top. As you can probably tell, the peony is not buttercream, but gumpaste. I had originally made the flower with fondant, but found that it was too heavy and kept cracking as I molded the petals. In a very last minute attempt to get the perfect looking flower, I bought a pack of gumpaste and assembled the peony in record time (40 minutes before the event...never doing that again :|). To be completely honest, though this cake looks quite simple, it was probably the most difficult cake for me to execute. It sounds ridiculous, but I am an overthinking, over analyzing freak-of-nature and tend to over-complicate the most simplest of things...this cake being no exception. Needless to say, after one scraped final coat of buttercream and cracked fondant peony later, the cake was a disaster.......KIDDING! The mother loved it, the guests loved it, and I felt pretty fulfilled with the final result as well.

Unfortunately, I was only able to salvage one decent picture for the few that I did take, mainly because I was an uninvited guest (eek!) and felt out of place. But, nonetheless...