The Perfect Spring Time Birthday Cake - May 20th, 2016

So...I have started a passion project.

The more I do these cakes, the more I fall in love with the thought of being able to make these cakes on my own, away from work - separate from the projects that are labeled and attached to someone else's business. Perhaps that sounds a little offensive, but I'm an introvert, and I love the independence - especially when it comes to my artistic endeavors.

I'm excited to show you my first independent cake project - a lovely little spring time birthday cake with a wreath of beautiful peonies, dahlias, and rununculus flowers! There's something so freeing about being able to do something like this in the comfort of my own home (granted my kitchen is not really a kitchen at all, but a half-kitchen with a small sliver of counter inbetween a sink and a stove...). One day I'll have enough space to start doing this full time...or if not, then I'll just keep on dreamin'~

ENJOY! Here's to one of many, many more to come!