Oh baby, Christmas baby!

Seasons greetings, everybody!

This weekend I bear you with yet another gift of baby shower cupcakes! December really seems to be the month where all the little babies are ready to be borne into this world, and boy does that bring me much joy. Not just because I have babies on my mind and babies on my mind, but because I had the most privileged opportunity to make someones baby shower that much more sweet once again!

I was contacted by a lovely lady requesting 45 Christmas themed cupcakes, so obviously I took the job! Don't get me started on themed events again, because I can go on and on. But, I will spare you the hours and let you silently revel in all the floral cupcakey goodness yourself.

This project was honestly the most challenging to execute in terms of time and preparation because I still work 40 hours a week and have very limited space to store much of anything in my 400-sq-ft apartment. Baking four dozen cupcakes was, dare I say, a piece of cake (heh), but making and storing 144 individual flowers is not an easy task. I divided each flower shape/color between two days and on the final day of production, I baked off the cupcakes and then placed each individual flower atop the cupcakes. An abundance of final touches and few sticky fingers later, we have (roughly) 4 dozen carefully executed Christmas flower cupcakes!

Depending on individual perspectives, I'd say the color combo could pass as a dramatic, end-of-spring collection of flowers, but i'm sure placed in any holiday setting, Christmas flower cupcakes are more than appropriate! Who says flowers are just for spring time? Crazy people, that's who...

OH BABY! It's almost Christmas!!

Happy Holidays!