Pinecones, penging...pengwing...PENGUIN!

I must ask you: Who doesn't enjoy penguins? Who doesn't enjoy pinecones? Who doesn't enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch's inability to say the word "penguin" for his life??? If you don't enjoy either of those things, then YOU'RE WRONG, because penguins are dang cute, as are pincones. I won't admit that BC is cute because I just can't (not a hater, just married :|). BUT, I can admit that I get a kick out of watching him pronounce the word "penguin" because he really can't. He goes from "penguin" to "penging" to "pengwing" within a matter of a few sentences and I die alittle each time (in a good way?).

But, I digress because this post is NOT about Benedict Cumberbatch. Today's post is about a little boy named Isaac and his love for a stuffed blue penguin. Isaac is the nephew of my lovely friend, Marcella, who had requested a set of winter themed cake and mini cupcakes to celebrate little Isaac's birthday on Christmas Eve! She asked me to incorporate the stuffed penguin into the theme so naturally, I started planning (in my head - who needs paper?).

I know my specialty is floral design, and I'm so happy that people enjoy it enough to keep requesting it, but I wanted to incorporate something other than just flowers, especially because winter themes have so much to offer than just blues and whites and, I thought of pine cones. Well, actually, I thought of dirt first and then some how I landed on pine cones, but you get the idea. I personally LOVED the way these looked sitting among a sea of icy blue and white flowers. The last time I piped a pine cone was last Christmas for a yule log, but old methods do die hard, so I was actually able to figure out a more improved way of getting those little scales to look like actual scales. I'd say they're pretty spot on, if not cute enough to pass as a pine cone. 

The penguin sitting on top of the cake is made out of fondant. I could have found other ways of incorporating the size of that little guy into the theme, but anything bigger than what it already is would have been too much and too heavy and too out of place. I am happy with the size and the way it looked on the cake as well as how flawlessly it blended into the flowers and pinecones. But, let's be honest here...pinecones and penguins have never coexisted in the same place together (I looked it up...on youtube), but for the sake of winter themes, I'm just going to run with it~

life is too short to be so literal, ya feel meh?