Poppy Mountains & the Art of Progress!


Man, I love a good progression. I love the way certain songs progress into an explosion of musical ear-candy that hits you deep into your core. I love how a really good TV show continues to move and surprise and build into an amazing, mind-bending, emotional rollercoaster of and ending. I love the way flavors develop in a good jar of kimchi. I also love the way WA weather changes. I love the changing colors, the smell of the air, the temperature of the outdoors...the way it slowly starts to suck the moisture out of my delicate yellow skin. The way it feels like my hands have been dipped into a vat of liquid sandpaper then cured in a barrel of salt...progression is gooOOoooOooooOood. Progression is when you're unsure about something, but then you take a step back and see how you've moved from point A to point B and realize that you're getting somewhere. Progression is the way I felt about this glorious cake you are about to see today, though It took long enough for me to get to the end of this paragraph, ifyaknowwhatImean~~*winky face*

A gal named Sara K. reached out to me (AGAIN :D) about creating a birthday cake for her best friend SaraH T. Both of these lovely gals have reached out to me a few times for other featured cake projects in the past, so I was elated to be able to help her out on this special cake. 

I was told Sarah T. loves the outdoors, so naturally anything that reflected the purity of nature would probably make her weak in the knees (that's no one's quote, just my assumption...I may or may not have been right). I was also told she loves poppy flowers, so who would I be if I didn't incorporate TWO wonderful themes onto ONE lovely cake. This obvi. brings me to this post where I was able to combine the poppies and mountain range with the same ombre color pallet.

In ALL honesty, though; this final look was the second option I had originally planned for this project. The first option failed so miserably that I had to scrape off a pound or so of butter cream and start over...TWICE. I will save you the sad sad details of what actually happened to my first idea. Let's just say trying to combine 5 colors around a cake with minimal to medium surface area is NOT A GOOD IDEA. But, it was a valiant effort, and something I'll try again in the near future. I do, however, LOVEEEEEEEE the final outcome of this cake. It's simple enough, but also unique and pleasing to look at. The colors actually remind me of Arizona sunsets, and so I was really pleased when Sara K. told me her bestie loved poppies in reds, oranges, and pinks. How better to combine colors than using ombre effects??!! I have a huge affinity for mountain landscapes (as does my hubby, fo real~), so what OTHER better way to give the old pallet spatula another whirl and sculpt some mountains in the same colors, though I can say this is where the uncertainty came about since I had only done landscapes in two tones, never three to four. 

Seeing everything come together was a real treat because  of my progress from the unsure start of this option to the end of it. I'd say, all ends well that starts...fine, I guess. But, the most important thing, is that Sarah T. really loved it <3 And I am so grateful for loyal clients!

So S/O to YOU Sara K. & Sarah T. You ladies rock my socks!