A week of rain and beckoning spring

It has been a nonstop stream of rainy Seattle weather the last few weeks. Coming from Arizona, I LOVE the rain more than I love the sun, but a girl can only handle so many frizzy hair days before she starts wishing her hair was dry and lifeless in exchange for a little bit of sunshine.

This must be what's been on my mind lately because all I want to do is beckon in the spring with a nice, freshly bloomed bouquet of fresh flowers, but when will the season start to turn??? WHEN?!?! 

In an attempt to relieve the desperation I feel for more color and less shades of color in this damp city, I constructed this beautiful wreath of spring time flowers for a clients wedding anniversary with her hubbo! Some of which you can see is following the rule of flower blossomage (that's a new word I just made up - it's legit). Just looking at it makes my pupils dilate with excitement!

 The rain will always have a spot in my heart, but I simply cannot wait for spring!