What could define a "green" cake? CACTI! SUCCULENTS! BIRTHDAY!

Honestly, I must subconsciously miss home (Arizona) a lot, because I feel like the whole weeks theme is stuck in "Southwest" mode...but, I'm TOTALLY OKAY with that!

This cake comes from another loyal client who requested a cake for her daddy-o's birthday! She didn't specifically request a cacti and succulent cake, but she did give me free reign to come up with a more "green" non-flowery cake design.

I had already exhausted the idea of doing another mountain cake and of course wanted to provide something a little more unique. The first thought that comes to my mind when I think "greenery" is "leafy", but I couldn't just slap on a bunch of leaves and call it a green foliage cake - that's just boring. Quite truthfully, I had been brainstorming all week on how I could do something a little different for this particular cake and was starting to worry that I actually had to cover the cake in leaves and leave it at that. But, believe it or not, I ended up having a dream about making this cake (again, a reflection of what's on my heart), and I had covered it in caci! I woke up and immediately breathed a breath of relief and excitement because for once I could finally try my hand at cacti and succulents! It's all the rage, ya know~

But, I really enjoyed doing this cake! I definitely could work on my piping because I decided to do such a design the day before it was due, but I feel like it really encapsulates something new and different for my "style" of cakes (but really not THAT different ;])