An Arizona Wedding and One Flying Cake!

Guys, this cake is super special, for several reasons.

This cake:

1) ...was specifically requested and made for a friend who lives in Arizona.

2) a personalized wedding cutting cake.

3)...was matched to the colors and (kind of) flower style of the actual wedding...I mean...freaking BILLY BALLS!


and finally:

5) ...was successfully enjoyed by the bride and groom themselves (who are currently honeymooning in Seattle, btw~)!!!

I am sincere when I say that all the cakes I make for people are very special to me - I LIVE for serving others through my cakes - and I feel like this specific cake goes down in the books as one of the most special because I was actually able to share what I do with people who live hundreds of miles away in my home state. It was a cake that traveled - made in Seattle, enjoyed in Arizona!

I still don't think I can articulate how proud I am of the thought and effort behind this cake. It seems a little silly when I think about it from an outside perspective, but I love the fact that I was actually able to transport this cake (with a little help, of course~). It's like sending a little piece of Seattle me to Arizona me.

Ugh. My heart.

Congrat to the newly weds! May Jesus bless the crap out of your marriage!