Opportunities come in small packages

I've never really thought of myself as a go-getter. Selfish, yes, but never one to just go out and make things happen for myself. I can't say that I've ever had things just blatantly handed to me on a silver platter or blessed with the ability to appeal to people in a likable manner. I am timid and introverted and can only hold a conversation for so long before I start to count the seconds I can weasel my way out of a conversation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that socially inept, it's just how I've always been and perhaps a small reason why, for my entire young adult life, I have always been misunderstood and written off by people. But, I digress -  I'll cut this sob story short and get to the point of this post. 

Lately, perhaps because I'm so sick of sitting around and thinking about the same things, I have been finding myself becoming increasingly impatient. Impatient with work, impatient with people, impatient with life, but most interestingly, impatient with my lack of "doing." For so long, I've only ever prayed to be content in the things I don't necessarily enjoy doing. In that contentment, all I do is wait and accept and, sadly, complain. Through such impatience, however, I was able to really take a step back and evaluate what I truly want for my life and career moving forward. I feel like my mantra for this year has definitely become this: "there is no reward without risk." And I wholeheartedly believe that the best rewards are gained through prayerful, faithful risks - stepping out in faith.

So, with my impatience behind me and contentment in a 9 to 5 (but really 5 to 1) job hanging on by a thread, I began to reach out to numerous industry folk - from wedding planners to florists to photographers - anyone willing to look at my work and see some sort of potential in what I can do. To make a long story short, the feedback was overwhelming and I began to realize the potential in my abilities to produce something that can be of some use to someone out there. 

Fast forward to one fateful afternoon I received a response email from a gal named Holly, the owner of Perfectly Posh Events, asking if I'd be willing to provide desserts for her company's office warming party. The answer to that email was an unwavering YES because when would I get an opportunity to do something like this again in my minuscule, insignificant life? It was a stepping stone to moving forward. Another step in branching out and marketing myself and finally saying, "HEY! LOOK AT ME!! I CAN DO THIS FOR YOU!!!" It was a small box of opportunity to network, connect, and finally get my foot in the door.

I have never thought of myself as a go-getter until this year. Perhaps because of my personality, my attitude, my timidness, my flawed desire to just be content in whatever life throws at me because of fear; I have never wanted to take huge risks because I am afraid of failing. But, I keep coming back to that voice: there is no reward with out risk. I am convinced the trajectory of my life has been changed forever.

I will continue to step out in faith and pray God leads me to where I need to be. Nothing will always go as planned, especially if I'm trying to plan and control my life according to what I think should happen for my life. I will get to where I need to be in time, but for now, I believe all my opportunities will be delivered to me in the smallest of packages - just like this one - and I am totally okay with that.

Event space: Perfectly Post Events
Flowers: The Rusted Vase Co.
Catering: City Catering Company
Espresso: Espresso Elegance


Professional Photography: Rebecca Ellison Photography