Kingdom Springdom! SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

I'm pretty sure this cake is the epitome of what I envision spring to be in my head. In my mind, I only hold on to two seasons: the dying of nature (autumn), and the rebirth of nature (spring). I'm not a fan of summer, and impartial to winter, but FALL...fall makes me feel things. And SPRING...spring makes me come alive in ways I'll never be able to explain. Imagine all the intense, overdramatic moments you'll ever experience by watching a Korean drama - that's how I feel. I want to frolic, and outstretch my arms whilst spinning "Sound of Music" style and maybe even sing the damn song while its happening too! 

I'm just trying to say...that I love the colors on this cake. And I love that spring has finally sprung. And every year that spring comes around I feel a good kind of different every time.

Happy Spring! Happy, happy SPRING!