A Special "WHALE-Come Baby" Baby Shower Cake!

Now, I thoroughly enjoy decorating every cake I have the opportunity to make, but I feel like this particular cake REALLY takes the "cake" (PUN INTENDED :P)

This cake was super simple - vanilla cake with vanilla whipped cream filling and vanilla buttercream icing - but dat whale, doe~It's made of rice crispy cereal and marshmallow, but since I'm normally not very interested in using fondant, I finished off the little guy with pure buttercream. That's right, NO FONDANT IN SIGHT. I guess you can say that I am a buttercream purist (if you can't already tell with my previous cakes ;] ), and just the thought of using fondant for anything gives me hives (no hate towards all the amazing fondant artists out there - I'm just not very great a fondant and would rather not be stressed out when I'm making cake). I'm actually very proud a relieved to know that I have the ability to extend my love for buttercream onto designs that could easily be molded/formed/covered with fondant. I  mean, just look at the little guy!

In addition to listing all my favorite things about this cake, it was also the first cake in which I was able to create a simple little cake banner/topper. This whole cake just simply screams HAND-CRAFTED, fo real~

I feel honored that my friend and the mama-to-be reached out to me to add a little something "custom" to her baby shower! Can't wait to meet the little guy!