Style & Design

Whether you're looking for a simple and classic design or an extravagant arrangement of buttercream flowers, there is a cake specially hand-crafted for everyone! These beautifully decorated cakes are for every occasion ranging from birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, weddings, and so much more! Take a look at the design examples listed below and let's start planning the perfect cake for you!



A "full-floral" design consists of an array of buttercream flowers and greenery that spans the entire top of a cake. This particular design acts as a elegant and unique cake-topper if you're looking to liven up an otherwise simple cake. The great thing about going "full-floral" is that you get a literal bouquet of edible flowers right on top of your cake! No fuss, no waste!



The "half-floral" design covers the outer half of your cake. This design is typically great for adding custom writing, room to display texture, and/or adding your own person touch to the cake (i.e. cake toppers or figurines). Click the button below to see more "half-floral" styles and designs.




A "wreath" design covers the outer edge of the entire cake, and much like the "half-floral" design, the "wreath" allows room for custom writing or adding your own personal touch to your cake! Ask about custom cake toppers to liven up that empty space to your cake!



Cacti & Succulents

While flowers are a beautiful touch to any cake, cacti and succulents are a fun and unique addition to any cake design. No need to worry about consuming a mouthful of cactus thorns, you'll be munching down on a forkful of soft, pillowy buttercream goodness!


Mountain & landscape

Need something a little less "flower-power" and something more simple and gender-neutral? Why not opt for a mountain & landscape design, perfect for all the nature lovers and adventure seekers dear to you!



Custom design

Not into flowers or landscapes? NO WORRIES! Ask about your custom design options. There is a cake for everyone here!



Cupcake style & design

Cakes are not the only desserts that can get a floral makeover! Cupcakes are a cute and "take-home-friendly" option for any and all occasions. Choose from standard sized "three-floral" & "single-floral" cupcakes, "plain" and "single-floral" minis, and/or a custom design! 



Standard sized "three-floral" cupcakes are JAM PACKED with a mini bouquet of buttercream flowers and greenery. Everything is customizable so your favorite flowers can be the center of attention!



Are you a minimalist? NO PROBLEM! Standard sized "single-floral" cupcakes features one simple, but elegant flower of your choice. Sometimes, simple is best!



single-floral minis

Who doesn't enjoy the satisfaction of popping a bite-sized morsel of cakey goodness into ones mouth? Satisfy those one-bite-wonders with these "single-floral" MINI cupcakes! Perfect for all the "calorie monsters" out there~ 


Custom design

Let's face it, cupcakes are meant to be customized~! Ask about your custom design options and we'll figure out the best design for you!


Tiered style & design

What is a grand wedding or an extravagant party without a tiered buttercream-flower cake?! Let's design the perfect tiered cake for all your party and event needs! Check out the "three-tiered" and "two-tiered" examples listed below!


Two-tiered Full-floral Top

Simple doesn't always mean plain. Witness your party or event come to life with a "simple" two-tiered full-floral [top] cake. The sky is the limit to your design so why not add some beautiful embroidered/brushed flowers on the side to customize the entire look?! Click the button to view more two-tiered designs!

(*Side floral clusters detail not included but available upon request. Extra fees may apply)


three-tiered full-floral TOP

A wedding cannot be complete without a sweet 3-tiered cake to round off the night! And no plain old wedding cake is complete without a top-tier covered in buttercream flowers! If you want to set your cake apart from any standard wedding cake, enhance it with a bouquet of buttercream flowers to top it off! You'll be glad you did!
(*Side florals/embellishment not included but available upon request. Extra fees may apply)


two-tiered Center-floral cascade 

Don't just limit your floral design to the top of a cake! There's so much versatility when it comes to buttercream florals that you can style them in any fashion that calls out to you! This "center cluster cascade" arrangement not only brings the focus to the florals in the front, but also highlights the sweet tiered look and hand painted leaf sprigs on the bottom tier.


Three-tiered  Center-Floral cascade

Buttercream flowers don't just belong on top of a cake! Why not have a cascade of flowers flowing down the side?! Elevate your floral design by exploring a "cascade" design! It will certainly be a show-stopping centerpiece for any occasion~

(*Gold painted tier not included but available upon request. Extra fees may apply)

Decorated sugar cookies & meringues

The "dark-side" isn't the only place to get get your cookie fix! What better to complement cake than sweet sugar cookies and adorable meringue kisses? Let these options be your guide!


Royal icing sugar cookies

If you're looking to add some variety to your cake selections, or just aren't into cake, these decorated sugar cookies might be just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! These cookies are totally customizable, so don't worry about being stuck on one design! Inquire about how you can customize your perfect cookie order!


piped kisses & floral meringues

Meringues are the perfect gluten-free cookie alternative for all the gluten and calorie conscience folks out there! Get them in cute bite-sized kisses or unique piped floral form. These are guaranteed to be eaten in one sitting!